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Big fire in Clovis. Big drama on ‘Jeopardy!’ Big warning to creepy clowns

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Top Scoops

• Did President Trump tell the widow of a Marine killed in Niger that her loved one “knew what he signed up for”? A congresswoman says yes. Trump says:

• A former Fresnan was a memorable “Jeopardy!” contestant even before Alex Trebek gave the first answer. Then the game began, and the result was absolutely bonkers.

• A fire Tuesday evening at a small shopping center in Clovis destroyed three storefronts and threatened a nearby apartment complex.

• The city of Fresno hired a lawyer to advise Councilman Garry Bredefeld after the city clerk, who is African-American, complained about his remarks ripping NFL athletes who protest during the national anthem.

• A man charged with brutally killing a relative’s poodle while family members watched pleading no contest in court Tuesday.

• An unconventional candidate with an unconventional worldview – how about a 12,000-member legislature? – brought his run for governor to Fresno. Our Tim Sheehan had questions.

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• Our strange, beautiful and terrifying animal world ...

Good Stuff to Know

• Free Dutch Bros. coffee and a flu shot. Sure, why not? We can think of worse combinations.

• A Fresno grandma turned $2 into $1.2 million with a California Lottery scratcher.

• How is a Fresno State football defense with largely the same young men from last season suddenly looking like the ‘85 Bears?

• Us: Starbucks couldn’t possibly top the audacity of the Unicorn Frappucccino. Starbucks: Hold my grande.

Outrè Scoops

• As Halloween approaches, a warning to would-be creepy clowns: Don’t. Just ... don’t.

• When called on it in a Yelp review, a Long Beach restaurant admitted it outsources its chicken – from Popeyes.

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