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That wacky fair food. A big stink over tiny houses. Wildfires in NorCal

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• Food vendors at county fairs revel in creating ever-higher levels of edible (?) insanity. Which is why you can get a Krispy Kreme chicken ice cream sandwich at the Fresno County Fairgrounds this week. More on that, along with other wacky choices.

• When does a person convicted of a sex crime get put on the lifetime list of offenders? It’s not as clear-cut as you may think.

Wildfire has led to evacuations of hundreds of people in Sonoma County. Other big fires have broken out in Yuba and Sonoma counties.

• Was Vice President Pence’s early departure from the 49ers-Colts game purely a reaction to players’ protests or more of an expensive political stunt?

• The Trump administration released a list of hard-line immigration priorities Sunday that threaten to derail efforts to protect young immigrants under DACA.

• The allegations of sexual harassment against movie mogul Harvey Weinstein span three decades. His downfall took three days.

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• Any time is a good time to go swag surfin'.

Good Stuff to Know

• The Fresno area seems to love tiny houses. These folks in a neighborhood back East? Not so much.

Fresno State is undefeated in the Mountain West Conference football after an easy victory in San Jose. But good grief, that second half. ...

• A Facebook ad by Dove that aimed to represent “women of color thoughtfully” vanished this weekend after it incurred an intense social media backlash.

• Take a look at the restored outdoor art along Fulton Street (formerly Fulton Mall). Beautiful.

Jason Aldean visited a Las Vegas hospital a week after the mass shooting that began during his concert performance.

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