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Eating bugs at the fair. DACA deadline arrives. Want McDonald’s fries with your cocaine?

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Top Scoops

• Because a video of people ingesting bugs is the best way to kick off The Big Fresno Fair.

• A Fresno car broker was arrested for allegedly bilking dealerships, financial businesses and customers out of nearly $2.8 million. Reporter Pablo Lopez has the details.

• Today is the deadline to submit renewal applications under DACA. On Wednesday, more than 100 young, undocumented immigrants traveled to Washington, D.C., to plead with lawmakers to protect them from deportation.

• Some senior Republican lawmakers are open to considering legislation to ban the “bump stocks” that allowed the Las Vegas shooter to fire continuously.

• It’s been nearly two months since a young couple from China crashed their car into the surging Kings River. Conditions have only now calmed to the point where the bodies can be recovered.

• Though Fresno Unified teachers authorized a strike, there’s a long road to it happening – if it happens at all.

Watch This Video

• Sunday night, country singer Chris Young hugged the floor of his trailer as, just outside, a hellish rain of bullets fell on a Las Vegas concert. On Wednesday night, Young performed at The Big Fresno Fair. “You can come onstage and forget about the world for a while,” he told the Paul Paul Theater crowd.

Good Stuff to Know

• Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton expressed surprise that a woman (specifically, the team’s beat writer for the past year) would know anything about football. What is this, 1967?

Horse racing at The Big Fresno Fair begins today. So does a tipsheet from a couple Bee staffers who love to play the ponies.

• New tech from Google allows people to translate 40 languages – and hear the results in their earbuds. But can it handle Klingon?

• What is the heart and soul of genius? Four professors will explore powerful examples (ie Einstein and FDR) at an Oct. 28 forum sponsored by The Bee. Here’s how to sign up.

• These huskies were left at a Woodward Park’s dog park with food, toys – and a note seeking a new home.

Outrè Scoops

• Ordering coke at this Bronx McDonald’s didn’t necessarily mean a soft drink, police say. Want some fries with your cocaine?

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