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Do dogs truly love us? How to fix Bulldog Stadium. Cooking up a clown conspiracy

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• With the fizzling of the latest effort to replace Barack Obama’s health care program, Congress and President Trump focus their attention on tax reform. Watch for big announcements today.

• Recent reports say cases of sexually transmitted disease are at record highs in California and the U.S. And people in Fresno County contribute more than their share.

• A teacher at Bullard High School was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of what Clovis police described as “ongoing sexual assaults” against a woman.

• Are there Band-Aids big enough to heal an aging, crumbling and (now) leaking Bulldog Stadium? Possibly, if Fresno State acts now, Marek Warszawski says.

• The former boyfriend of a Fresno woman found dead this month was armed with two guns and appeared “paranoid, furtive, nervous,” police say.

• A Visalia mom said she feared for her son’s safety after students labeled him a white supremacist when he wore a sweatshirt featuring the design of the Confederate flag.

There’s a new locale for the Fresno County Republican Party fundraiser featuring Joe Arpaio, the controversial former Arizona sheriff.

Watch This Video

• There are countless reasons why county fairs remain awesome. Where else will you find something like this?

Good Stuff to Know

• Does your dog really love you? Or is it all just about the food? A neuroscientist has answers.

• Is “It” possible for people to confuse Ronald McDonald with Pennywise? Shouldn’t be. But ... yeah.

Twitter has tapped a few users to test a doubling of its character limit, from 140 to 280. The immediate result? More room for snark:

Snake, Pac-Man and other nifty games of yore are back, thanks to today’s Google Doodle.

Outrè Scoops

Sen. Peyton Manning? Imagine the chant at his campaign rallies: “OMAHA! OMAHA! OMAHA!” (He’d run in Tennessee, though.)

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