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September babies are awesome. Tower District’s big changes. Kaepernick ‘ready right now’

There’s a good reason why children born in September fare so well.
There’s a good reason why children born in September fare so well.

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Top Scoops

• Last night’s Emmy Awards sported big wins for streaming services, red carpet glitterage and ... Sean Spicer?

• Hundreds of people marched in the Tower District last night to support DACA and protest the Trump administration’s decision to end the program that protects people who came to the U.S. illegally as children.

• Can businesses that defined Fulton Mall survive after the shopping area becomes Fulton Street?

• “Someone told me he vanished without a trace,” says De'Anna McKnight-Bell, whose son was last seen 2011. “I just can’t accept that.”

• A man who sustained 17 stab wounds after he allegedly tried to rob a Fresno Starbucks but was subdued by a customer thinks the citizen went overboard. Lawyers say that would be a tough sell to a jury.

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• Another day, another Trump tweet. In this case, specifically, a retweet.

Good Stuff to Know

September babies are more likely to excel in school and avoid juvenile detention, a new study says. “ABSOLUTELY,” replies the September baby typing this.

• Following Saturday’s decisive loss at No. 6 Washington, Fresno State’s football team left Red Wavers with a big question to chew on: Who’s the starting quarterback?

• When an invitation to a dance goes seriously wrong.

Colin Kaepernick, do you want to play football? “Yes. ... I’m ready right now.”

• Lots of comings, goings and name changes among Tower District businesses. Bethany Clough gets us up to date.

• Quoting columnist Dan Walters: “It’s time for liberal Californians – and that appears to be most of us – to take a chill pill.”

Outrè Scoops

• Someone tell this buffoon that chasing a child, much less his 6-year-old daughter, while wearing a clown mask is never OK.

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