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Waterspout over Tahoe. Selena Gomez’s new kidney. More Fresno Unified drama

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Top Scoops

• It appears unlikely Fresno Unified’s school board will take action against board president Brooke Ashjian for his controversial comments about the LGBT community.

• Meanwhile, Bob Nelson’s job as FUSD’s superintendent became officially official last night. He will try to be a center of calm in the eyes of multiple storms.

• Two top Democrats – Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi – said last night they had reached an agreement with President Trump to protect DACA youth and to fortify border security without building a wall. Or had they? Trump tweeted this morning:

• Chief Jerry Dyer applauded “good police work” as he announced overall crime in Fresno was down 9 percent in the past month. It was good news for a department that has dealt with a 2017 murder rate 70 percent higher than 2016.

• A Fresno man who once played the role of Fresno State mascot TimeOut was going to be sentenced for groping other students. Then his lawyer said there’s photographic proof his client is innocent.

• Recent national events drove Fresno Unified to open its Dream Resource Center a month early. The center will help families renew applications for DACA students, and will offer citizenship courses and free legal services.

Watch This Video

• Take a ride on a National Guard plane as it battled the Pier Fire in Tulare County.

Good Stuff to Know

• True: A waterspout formed over Lake Tahoe. Not necessarily true: Tessie was frolicking below it.

• A sad farewell to Kevin Blake Willard, whose Cadillac Cowboys were familiar faces at rodeos and country bars throughout the Valley. Willard died from injuries sustained in a car accident this week.

Selena Gomez recently received a kidney transplant due her struggle with lupus, the singer revealed today.

Derek Carr can’t remember not being a Los Angeles Lakers fan. So this tweet blew his mind.

Outrè Scoops

• A Marine who served in Iraq and Afghanistan is being booted from the corps because he was arrested at a pro-Confederate rally and allegedly helped display a white nationalist banner.

• That Denny’s mascot is a sausage? You’re s***ing me.

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