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This super-huggable dog, plus DACA shockwaves and extreme cliff diving

Jeter is a therapy dog in Selma Unified School District.
Jeter is a therapy dog in Selma Unified School District. Special to the Bee

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Top Scoops

• People who benefit from DACA and those who support them met in downtown Fresno to speak out against the Trump administration’s announcement Tuesday to end the program, which protects people who traveled to the U.S. illegally as minors with their families. California Democratic leaders vowed to fight the White House’s decision.

Fresno advocates and officials gathered outside the city’s federal courthouse to speak out against the Trump administration’s decision to end DACA, which protects undocumented people who traveled to the U.S. illegally as minors.

• Here’s the latest information about the Mission Fire and Railroad Fire.

• And about Hurricane Irma.

• How can you rebuild the safety net so people with mental illness land in treatment instead of a jail cell? Fresno government officials announced a plan that will try to make that happen.

• Police are investigating two sex offenses that may have been committed by the same man within 90 minutes in an east Clovis neighborhood.

• New Black Lives Matter signs are going up outside a northeast Fresno church, replacing the ones that were defaced last month.

Watch This Video

• This is crazy. So, so crazy.

Only professionals are allowed to dive off Hell's Gate in Texas. See what happens to a watermelon dropped at that height, and you'll get it.

Good Stuff to Know

• An adorable cockapoo has the best job: accepting hugs and cuddles for Selma students who need to feel loved. Get to know Jeter.

• The coach of the top-ranked Alabama football team, which hosts Fresno State on Saturday, found nice things to say about the Bulldogs.

• The latest Beehive podcast chews on the ramifications of the Whole Foods/Amazon marriage.

• A Utah police officer who triggered a national uproar when he dragged a nurse from a hospital when she refused to let him take a blood sample has been fired from his paramedic job.

• A Bronx cheer to the Boston Red Sox for achieving what few have: making an Apple Watch useful. Stealing signs (from New York Yankees catchers, in this case) isn’t illegal in Major League Baseball. Using electronic devices (even marginal ones such as the aforementioned wrist adornment) to do so is.

Outrè Scoops

• Sorry, but there’s no lighthearted ending to this tale of a 4-year-old trying to drive the family car to a Chuck E. Cheese.

• The water we drink is likely infested with plastic fibers. Which doesn’t mean we’ll morph into Lego bricks. Though that would be cool.

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