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Railroad Fire update. Fresno vs. pot. Deputies on horses round up shoplifting suspects

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Top Scoops

Here's what we know about the Railroad Fire, which has forced evacuations in Fish Camp, just south of Yosemite National Park.

• The city of Fresno’s plan to prohibit nearly all commercial operations linked to legal marijuana takes another big step Thursday morning. Reporter Tim Sheehan gets you up to speed.

• Fresno set a heat record Tuesday for a second straight day. Some overecast skies will dial it back a bit today, but highs will remain in the triple digits.

• A proposed California law backed by the Humane Society would impose new rules for cage-free hens and set strict limits on confining calves and pigs.

• A sad irony interweaved with the human drama in southeast Texas: Back in 2005, thousands of people fled the devastation from Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana by moving ... to Houston.

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• Contraband was never this cute.

Good Stuff to Know

• How many games can the Fresno State football team (reminder: 1-11 last season) win this year? Here’s beat writer Robert Kuwada’s prediction, along with quick takes on each game on the schedule.

• De Young Properties plans to build California’s largest grid-connected, zero-energy community. The developer says homes in the Clovis development would produce as much energy as they use.

• Listen to the latest Beehive podcast, in which Taylor Swift collides with Brand New and Flat Earthers. It’s a beautiful thing.

• “I’ve never done drugs or alcohol, so my soul is intact,” intones Chaim Witz, far better known as Gene Simmons of KISS. Here’s a Q&A.

Outrè Scoops

• Yeee-ha! Two Fresno County sheriff’s deputies on horseback rounded up three suspected shoplifters.

• A fire department in Canada billed a woman $28,000 for its rescue efforts when her house went up in flames.

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