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Gender ‘X’ on state IDs? Exchange students hit with paintballs. Farewell, Elephant Bar

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Top Scoops

• Foreign exchange students at a “Welcome to America” party in Clovis were pelted with paintballs fired from a car, police said.

• Several Fresno church leaders called on Fresno Unified school trustees to remove board president Brooke Ashjian after he likened LGBT advocates to perpetrators of the Armenian Genocide.

Charges will be dropped for four people arrested last spring after what they say was a peaceful protest against Fresno Mayor Lee Brand’s stance on immigration.

President Trump comes to Texas this morning to see the rescue efforts following Hurricane Harvey. And as his successors learned, natural disasters can mean tricky politics.

• Here’s how you can donate to relief efforts in Texas following Hurricane Harvey ... and how to avoid bogus charities.

Watch This Video

“Serial carjacker” is a job description fraught with potholes. And this guy has the road rash to prove it. (Warning: Video contains exposed butt.)

Good Stuff to Know

• California could join Oregon in allowing people to register their gender as “X” instead of male or female.

Elephant Bar restaurant in north Fresno abruptly closed its doors, and commenters on our Facebook post about it went nuts.

• “We’re No.17! We’re not 17!” Fresno State chants with glee. And, truly, it is a pretty big deal.

• A hawk was hobbling and needed shelter from Hurricane Harvey. So he took a cab.

• For the first time since 1980, a freshman will start at running back for a Fresno State football season opener. And the kid has a familiar name.

• We suspect Derek Carr is losing no sleep over the fact he is no longer the NFL’s highest-paid player.

Outrè Scoops

• Too far? A Memphis theater that’s been screening “Gone with the Wind” for 30-plus years has stopped. The last showing was on the same day as the Charlottesville white supremacist rally.

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