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Livingstone’s rising from ashes. Cracks in Bulldog Stadium. A more grown-up VMA show

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Derek Carr is a football star on a national level. The Oakland Raiders’ $25 million man. But years ago, as a young man at Fresno State, his life was going off the rails. It took a brief letter from the woman who would become his wife to get him back on track.

• Take heart, Tower District. Livingstone’s is rising from the ashes.

• A Fresno woman says faith gives her strength to power through the rigors of rehabilitation more than a year after she was savagely attacked by two pit bulls.

• A reminder: Former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio, who President Trump pardoned Friday, is scheduled to appear next month at a Fresno County Republican Party event. Arpaio had been convicted of violating a court order to stop racially profiling Latinos.

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Here’s the latest from Texas, where authorities are releasing more water from reservoirs swollen by Hurricane Harvey in an effort to protect downtown Houston from flooding. Thousands of homes in the nation’s fourth-largest city remain endangered.

And then there's this:

Good Stuff to Know

• Sunday night’s MTV Video Music Awards was a much more grown-up affair, with calls for equality, suicide awareness and compassion mixed with the flashtastic performances.

• Fresno State’s plans to renovate and beef up Bulldog Stadium could be delayed by cracks detected in the 37-year-old venue’s foundation.

• What will half a million dollars get you on the Pismo Beach housing market? Not very much.

• At the height of the Cold War, nuclear fallout shelters were all the rage. With the recent sabre-rattling between the U.S. and North Korea, we wondered: Do any still exist around here?

Outrè Scoops

• A man charged nearly $2,200 to a room at a posh South Carolina spa. Which was a neat trick because he wasn’t checked in, police say.

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