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A cheaper Whole Foods. ‘Madden NFL 18’ review. Help keep Yosemite clean

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Top Scoops

• A law to ban chronic camping by homeless people on public property or on private property without the owner’s OK was passed by the Fresno City Council. Expect a battle with the ACLU.

• Who knew it was this easy to drop prices at Whole Foods? All that was required was Amazon’s $1.37 billion takeover of the grocery chain. The new price points arrive next week.

Yosemite loves its visitors. The tons of garbage they leave behind? Not so much. The video above shows how we can keep National Treasure Up the Road clean.

• California voters last fall approved $9 billion in state spending for school construction and remodeling. The state hasn’t sold a single authorized bond. What’s holding things up?

• Fresno Unified board president Brooke Ashjian raised more than a few eyebrows when he compared the LGBT community’s response to his remarks about sexual identity and sex education to Ottoman Turks who carried out the Armenian Genocide.

• A rally against hate, scheduled for Saturday in the Tower District, is designed to be peaceful, but Fresno police say they’re ready to deal with counter-protesters.

Watch This Video

• A two-alarm fire destroyed several cars Thursday night in a Tower District lot.

Good Stuff to Know

“Madden NFL 18” drops today. Here’s Rory Appleton’s review of the football video game.

Chris Stapleton, Greek Fest and the (sigh) Mayweather-McGregor fight are on our list of fine distractions soon to come.

• You can finally shake it off: Taylor Swift has released her new single.

• The current Fresno State football team is not the 1-11 windshield splatter of 2016, columnist Marek Warszawski tells us. “Let’s opt for some optimism,” Warsz says, and offers six reasons to do so.

• An iconic store known for retro clothes and general funkiness is closing after 33 years in the Tower District.

• Happiness is a good book. Or two. Fortunately, there are 270,000 of them for sale, right now, at Sierra Vista Mall. Even better: It’s a fundraiser for Fresno County’s library system.

• Heads up, fellow travelers: Harris Ranch restaurant, just off Interstate 5, has added a barbecue stand for those who crave a tri-tip to go.

Outrè Scoops

• The Texas theater that got people in a huff for promoting a women-only screening of “Wonder Woman” is doubling down with a clowns-only screening for “IT.”

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