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More Fresno Unified fireworks. Legal pot = jobs. Derek Carr is a big draw

Legal sales of recreational marijuana in California begin in January. That means a lot of new government jobs in regulation
Legal sales of recreational marijuana in California begin in January. That means a lot of new government jobs in regulation

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Top Scoops

• There’s a single winning ticket out there following Wednesday night’s $758 million Powerball lottery drawing. Alas, it was purchased about 3,100 miles from here.

• Late-night fireworks at the Fresno Unified board meeting, where board president President Brooke Ashjian spurned demands for his resignation and equated LGBT activists with Ottoman Turks.

• Earlier Wednesday, Fresno Unified posted a video of interim Superintendent Bob Nelson announcing steps to protect LGBT students from harassment and bullying.

• Those Black Lives Matter banners at the Unitarian church in northeast Fresno were vandalized. The perps added one word.

• The proposed Temperance Flat dam on the upper San Joaquin River, has languished on the drawing board for years. Now it’s expected to be at at the head of the line when the state awards billions of dollars for water storage projects.

Watch This Video

• Those gaily-colored hoodies display so well under the security lights. Well done, lads. Well done.

Good Stuff to Know

• It appears the ceremony to retire of Derek Carr’s jersey had turned Fresno State football’s season opener into a hot ticket.

Legal pot is going to be boffo biz in California as sales begin in January. That means jobs, and lots of them, in the state regulation game.

• The Central Valley has become a prime target (get it?) for Amazon warehouses (sorry ... “fulfillment centers”), including a Fresno site that could eventually employ 2,500.

Jerry Dyer, Fresno’s police chief, is appearing in national TV ads for a home security and alarm system.

• Self-proclaimed Hanford psychic/dead-person whisperer Tyler Henry helps Lil Kim establish a “beautiful connection” with deceased rapper Notorious B.I.G. Hey, it was on his TV show so it must be true.

Outrè Scoops

• An 80-year-old man fired a shotgun at his son during an argument, Visalia police say. Son wasn’t hit. Dad was arrested.

• Some teenagers in Atlanta are in hot water after a social media post showed them playing beer pong with cups arranged in the shape of a Nazi swastika and the Star of David.

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