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Instagram hunk goes camping. 500 Club shut down. Listen to a roadside Elvis

Instragram celebrity Brock O’Hurn enjoying himself in Sequioa National Park
Instragram celebrity Brock O’Hurn enjoying himself in Sequioa National Park

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Top Scoops

• State authorities shut down gambling at the popular at the 500 Club in Clovis. Several conditions must be met before the cardroom can reopen.

• Here’s a tribute to Clovis veterinarian Jonathan Psaila, gone too soon at age 31. He ran a mobile clinic that helped countless low-income owners of pets.

• Police identified a teenager as the person they believe shot and killed a shopkeeper’s son in southeast Fresno.

• In an interview with a left-wing publication, Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon contradicts the president on North Korea and calls white supremacists “clowns.”

• President Trump tweeted today that our history is “being ripped apart” by the removal of Confederate war memorials. Last night, hundreds marched peacefully at the University of Virginia in a candlelight vigil against hate.

• Plans are coming together for a Tower District counter-protest to the Charlottesville neo-Nazi gathering (and against a couple other white-supremacy rallies planned for this month in the Bay Area).

• A Fresno paramedic died in a 2015 crash of a medical helicopter. The man’s family filed a lawsuit. A judge threw it out.

• The tale of Fresno firefighters freeing a owl stuck in netting at a golf driving range doesn’t have the happy ending everyone wanted.

Watch This Video

Elvis Presley fans this week are marking 40 years since The King’s death. Enjoy the tale (and wonderful voice) of this Elvis tribute singer.

Good Stuff to Know

• Selfie alert for outdoorsy types: Instagram celebrity and mannered hunk Brock O’Hurn is camping in Sequoia National Park.

• So far, so good for quarterback Marcus McMaryion, the Dinuba kid who transferred from Oregon State to Fresno State and is just now getting his feet wet in practice. “He has really picked things up quickly,” coach Jeff Tedford said.

• The latest Madden football videogame is out. Reviewer Rory Appleton’s reaction: Meh.

• Can Taco Bell entice the breakfast crowd with its experimental Naked Egg Taco (fried-egg shell plus potatoes and cheese)?

Outrè Scoops

• #FloridaMan (yes, again) walks out on $235 bar tab, punches a bouncer and shrugs off an officer’s Taser, police say. We’ve got video!

• A note to all Texans in the audience: Be wary about purchasing Girl Scout cookies from a woman named Heather. The treats might be hot.

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