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That big military plane over Fresno. Wow, Jerry Rice. (Taylor) Swift justice

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Top Scoops

• The Bee’s Tim Sheehan has all the Great American Eclipse info, especially for those of us who can’t travel to the “path of totality.” What will we see in Fresno?

Taylor Swift said she hopes her court victory over a former radio host who groped her will inspire victims of sexual assault to overcome fears of reporting attacks.

Summer, for all intents and purposes, ended for about 74,000 Fresno Unified students (and thousands of teachers and staff) Monday.

• CEOs of UnderAmour and Intel are the latest to resign from a White House business advisory council after #Charlottesville.

• There’s the wreck of a car in the turbulent Kings River. There’s likely another vehicle not far from it. Four are believed dead, and search-and-rescue crews have been unable to retrieve the cars or the bodies.

• A University of Nevada, Reno student seen in a Charlottesville image that went viral said, "I hope that the people sharing the photo are willing to listen that I'm not the angry racist they see."

Watch This Video

• He’s been running the @YesYoureRacist Twitter account for years. But Charlottesville suddenly thrust him onto a much bigger stage.

Good Stuff to Know

• More than a few people saw that big military plane buzzing over Fresno last weekend. Here’s what it was doing here.

• Could the 49ers re-sign 54-year-old Jerry Rice? Because he ran a few routes during their practice Monday and ... yow.

• Fresno State’s reborn wrestling program has quite a jewel for its first home match, though the bauble is worn by its opponent.

• Extensive shutdowns of Applebee’s restaurants across the U.S. won’t touch the Valley, and not necessarily because we love its menu.

• Not #FloridaMan this time. A #FloridaWoman fired up a cigarette in an SUV that was carrying an open tank of propane. Yeah. That happened.

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