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Sierra Vista’s new funland. Lucy Xiong update. ‘Game of Thrones’ hacked

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Lucy Xiong’s death appears to be an accident, police said Monday. The Fresno woman vanished July 28; her body was found in a canal Saturday. Family and friends maintain that Xiong was killed.

Fresno Unified’s administration, in a statement, affirmed its commitment to tolerance and diversity after district board president Brooke Ashjian was quoted in a Bee story saying if students are taught in sex education “that LGBT is OK and that it’s a way of life, well maybe you just swayed the kid to go that way.”

• A woman sought $300,000 in damages from a Fresno plastic surgeon after pictures of the woman’s breasts turned up in a Google search of her name. The jury clearly had other ideas.

Hanford’s economy might get a jolt from a company that plans to churn out luxury electric cars in what used to be a Pirelli tire factory.

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• How awesome, and how terrifying: Two Sierra hikers had a tight-quarters, 20-minute staredown with a mountain lion.

Good Stuff to Know

• Sierra Vista Mall lifted the lid on a 17,000-square-foot adventure park. Our Rory Appleton takes you on a tour.

• A round of huzzahs and one big stomping of Tokyo for actor Haruo Nakajima, who played the title character in the original “Godzilla” (1954). Nakajima died Tuesday. He was 88.

• A military wife compares the stress and uncertainly of her husband’s deployment to Heather Carr dealing with a husband – Raiders quarterback Derek – who spends much of his training camp away from home.

Caltrans is hiring. I repeat: Caltrans is hiring.

Hackers are demanding millions in ransom money, claiming they have a draft script of an upcoming “Game of Thrones” episode, among other HBO files.

• Home run king Barry Bonds wishes he could have played one more season, and perhaps topped 800 dingers.

Outrè Scoops

• It’s been a while since Morning Scoop has had a good, rousing homeowners association horror story. This one features a Vietnam vet, a mailbox and the Stars and Stripes.

• Residents of a posh San Francisco neighborhood might have to pay to park on the street because – yikes – a couple bought the road for only $90,000.

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