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A Fresno family’s grief. ‘Hamilton’ tips. Little League middle fingers

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Top Scoops

• A Fresno family grieves over a 22-year-old son and brother who died trying to stop an armed robber at their store. Two suspects are in custody.

• State law requires that students in middle and high schools receive unbiased, medically accurate sex education. But there are concerns that the curriculum isn’t getting the right support in the politically conservative Valley.

• A teenage Fresno runaway was forced into prostitution until the girl’s family caught her pimp, who now faces decades behind bars.

Watch This Video

• Gather ’round, folks. It’s time to take a ride with Yosemite National Park’s “Buckshot,” the only stagecoach driver/park ranger in the U.S.

Good Stuff to Know

• Let Jordan Gustafson give you her unique perspective of the changing scene in downtown Fresno. She grew up on a Clovis farm and lives now in a loft that overlooks Chukchansi Park.

• Who started the Detwiler Fire, which torched 80,000 acres and destroyed dozens of homes? Investigators believe it was someone who fired a gun that somehow set off the blaze.

• Meanwhile, Mariposa County residents such as artist John D’Arcy returned to homes they fled during the Detwiler Fire to count their losses and bless their luck.

• Read and weep, fishing fans: A 10-year-old reeled in a record-setting carp that looks like it could swallow the kid in one gulp.

• Bicycle riders with a talent for defying gravity took centerstage at Mosqueda Bike Park for Freewheel Project’s BMX Jam (see video above).

• Heading into the city to see “Hamilton”? Still angling for tickets? Either way, you should take these 10 tips to heart.

Outrè Scoops

• “We’re No. 1!” That’s not how the folks in charge interpreted the upraised middle fingers on these 12- to 14-year-old softball players. Yerrrr out!

• A vegan cafe in Australia introduced a novel riposte to the wage gender gap: Male patrons are charged an 18 percent "man tax." Boom.


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