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NASA needs an Earth defender. Burglar steals son’s ashes. Amazon is hiring ... a lot

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Top Scoops

• Scientists successfully edited DNA to rid human embryos of an inherited trait of heart disease. Expect to hear “germ-line editing” in the months to come in conversations laced with hand-wringing.

• President Trump has embraced legislation that would dramatically reduce legal immigration and shift the nation toward a system that prioritizes merit and skills over family ties.

• It’s tough to be bummed about a vehicle breakdown when you’ve got a trumpet and trombone. Members of the Kansas State band waited out a tire blowout with an impromptu concert (video above).

• Fresno County ordered a mother of five to pay her ex-husband nearly $500 a month in child support – most of which will go toward paying back his state aid.

• Hold on tight and keep cool, friends. A sometimes-muggy heat wave has arrived. Here’s how long it’s expected to last.

Watch This Video

• President Trump’s senior policy adviser, Stephen Miller, and CNN reporter Jim Acosta locked into a testy exchange over immigration policy. Political theater at its best.

Good Stuff to Know

• Bulldog born. Bulldog bred. Bulldogs wed. Here’s a roundup of Fresno State athletes who’ve tied the knot.

• If “Independence Day” and “War of the Worlds” are among your favorite movies, this could be your dream job.

Amazon is hiring. By the tens of thousands. And Fresno should get a piece of the action.

• This 83-year-old’s birthday wish was simple: a ride in a Lamborghini. Blow out the candles, sir.

• Get to know snowboarder, Paralympian and all-around inspiration Amy Purdy, the keynote speaker at next month’s Central California Women’s Conference.

Outrè Scoops

• A Fresno woman says a burglar took an urn that holds the ashes of her son. She is pleading for its return.

• Shall we agree that removing your clothes shouldn’t be a per-requisite for having a prescription filled?

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