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Cool things to do in August. Solar eclipse tips. Crackdown on distracted walkers

Approved glasses are an absolutely necessity for viewing a solar eclipse. A big one is coming Aug. 21.
Approved glasses are an absolutely necessity for viewing a solar eclipse. A big one is coming Aug. 21. Flickr / Creative Commons

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Top Scoops

• A Bee special report: Fresno pastors say there are too many stores selling beer, wine and liquor in impoverished areas. And, indeed, seven of 10 such stores in the city are south of Shaw Avenue, along with eight of 10 bars or nightclubs.

• A woman who had breast-augmentation surgery in Fresno was horrified to find her “before” and “after” pictures with a browser search. Her resulting lawsuit and civil trial could test of the boundaries of blame for a business’ online mistakes.

• Should Fresno city employees licensed to carry a concealed weapon be able to wear them on the job? One city councilman says “yes.”

• Oh, joy. Another round of road closures thanks to construction and whatnot. Details, details.

• Signs of the apocalypse: The Wawona Farms peach stand was robbed at gunpoint.

Sales of rifles and shotguns have dropped sharply in California since the election of Donald Trump. One reason: Gun owners now feel the White House is on their side.

Watch This Video

• The most impressive solar eclipse to shroud North America in nearly a century is coming this month. Here are tips for recording the phenomenon smartly and safely.

Good Stuff to Know

• Looking for nifty/fun/cool stuff to do in August? Look no more.

Tacos! Tacos at the Chuk! And Joey Chestnut inhaling them!

• We checked in with Fresno Philharmonic’s new conductor/music director, who, as promised, is putting a modern spin on the orchestra’s concerts.

Jordan Luplow (Buchanan High, Fresno State) is now a 23-year-old baseball big-leaguer. After three games with the Pirates, he’s 0-for-7. Nowhere to go but up, young man.

Boomers! Fresno, host to countless birthday parties and Skee-Ball face-offs, is closing down.

Outrè Scoops

“Pray for us,” an NFL team owner asks of fans, as he contemplates whether to sign quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

• We all can agree distracted driving is a problem. But how about distracted walking? There’s a city that’s slapping $35 fines on spaced-out pedestrians.

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