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A dog who tracks whale poop. Madera County and ICE. ArtHop and iHOP

Meet Jack, a dog trained to sense dog feces. He works with researchers in Puget Sound
Meet Jack, a dog trained to sense dog feces. He works with researchers in Puget Sound

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Top Scoops

• An extension of California’s ambitious program to reduce greenhouse gases and fight climate change cleared the Democrat-dominated state Legislature on Monday. Gov. Brown is expected to sign it. Republicans say the program will jack up gas prices and utility bills.

• Madera County’s Board of Supervisors broke state law by secretly ordering the head of the county jail to cooperate with federal immigration authorities, a lawsuit filed by the ACLU says.

President Trump this morning tweet-blasted congressional Democrats and “a few Republicans” over the failure of the GOP to replace Obamacare.

• Gov. Brown: I want the Delta tunnels. Westlands Water District: Knock yourself out. Just don’t expect us to help pay for it.

• Fresno County authorities have reopened the Kings River for recreational use. Just. Be. Careful.

Watch This Video

• This is Jack. His job is to track down orca feces. Jack is helping people save whales. Good dog, Jack. Good dog.

Good Stuff to Know

• Once upon a time, Fresno Arts Council created a ArtHop logo that social media laughed at because it resembled an International House of Pancakes sign. Now you have a opportunity to redesign it.

• The actor who played Luke in “Gilmore Girls” played some music at the Fresno coffee shop that, last year, pretended to be Luke’s Cafe from the show.

• The San Francisco Giants’ seven-year streak of sold-out home games officially ended last night. Understandable, as the team is putrid.

• You can tip your Uber driver now. If, you know, that’s something you want to do.

Outrè Scoops

• A woman said she lost her baby after a shooting at a party. Police say she was not pregnant. Oops.

• Here’s another body shot, millennials: A Harvard survey of young adults found a majority don’t support U.S. free enterprise.

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