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‘Rick and Morty’ hit town. Lab mosquitoes unleashed. Caitlyn Jenner for senator?

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Top Scoops

• The “Rick and Morty” pop-up tour rolled through Fresno. The video above shows what it looked like.

“Game of Thrones” is back. And there was much rejoicing. Here’s a review of the Season 7 opener (warning: spoilers abound).

• More than a few “GoT” fans found themselves bellowing to the Seven Gods when HBO’s streaming service crashed during the premiere.

• Fresno has had 14 straight days of 100-degree-or-more heat. The record is 21. Today’s forecast: A high of 106. Yay, us.

• Fond farewells to the Godfather of Zombies, George Romero, and to actor Martin Landau, who, depending on your age or other POV, was the “Mission: Impossible” master of disguise or Bela Lugosi.

• The news broke late last week, and it was chilling: A Fresno County sheriff’s detective whose gun fired accidentally and a fatally wounded a sergeant last October now faces a charge of involuntary manslaughter.

About 20 million lab-raised mosquitoes are being released intentionally in the Fresno area. These critters become sterile when they mate. The goal: Cut down on the number of skeeters carrying the Zika virus. See? It’s a good thing.

Watch This Video

• A CHP helicopter crew plucks an injured climber off a Northern California mountain.

Good Stuff to Know

• Would Caitlyn Jenner get your vote for U.S. senator from California?

• In a column for our Valley Voices, Fresno City Councilman Garry Bredefeld tells us why it was a smart idea to ban shops that would sell recreational marijuana in the city.

• The new Doctor is in. And the Time Lord is female. Wonder Whoman!

Take a tour of the recently sold home of Fresno State’s former football coach, Tim DeRuyter. It sold for more than $1 million.

• This is so great: A woman set an age-group world record for the 100-meter dash. She’s 101.

• Shopping local: Fresno State says these four young men from the Valley plan to play football for the Bulldogs.

Outrè Scoops

• This just in: Elon Musk, an evangelist for self-driving cars and other tech wonders, says artificial intelligence poses a "fundamental risk to the existence of human civilization." Hide the children.

• Welcome to Yoro, Honduras, where villagers say it rains fish. Every year. “We see it as a blessing from God.”

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