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Mac and cheese warning. Mail truck in flames. Chris Colfer speaks

Try homemade mac and cheese if you want to avoid the chemicals in the powdered cheese mixes found in boxed products.
Try homemade mac and cheese if you want to avoid the chemicals in the powdered cheese mixes found in boxed products. Tribune News Service

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Top Scoops

• A Fresno woman who brought up her child as a teenager says she forced to take a city bus to a continuation high school because the latter had child-care services. The school she should have attended didn’t. This is the second part of Mackenzie Mays’ series on teen pregnancy and sex education.

• Fresno police recapture a murder suspect who had been on the run for a week after escaping from detectives. The cops then said they’ve taken steps to prevent this from happening again.

• Six people near a ticket counter at Fresno Yosemite International Airport said they felt ill. An investigation focused on some white powder, but a passenger who may have been its source said the powder was soap.

• Does there exist a gentlemanly, reasonable justification for the U.S. president telling the wife of the French president: “You’re in such good shape”?

• A federal judge further weakens President Trump’s already diluted travel ban.

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• Are you prepared for the moment when you must get out of your home now? Here are some tips.

Good Stuff to Know

• “I’m always working on 12 things at once,” Chris Colfer said in an interview with Josh Tehee. The actor/author/director/producer (and Clovis native) will be here July 25 to promote a new book.

• Speaking of Sir Josh, here are his fun-things-to-do recommendations for the weekend and beyond, including Everclear, Lee Ann Womack, Good Company’s “Sister Act,” and comedians John Mulaney and Brian Regan.

• We’re 50 out from the Fresno State football season opener. Time for 50 questions about the ’Dogs, courtesy of columnist Marek Warszawski.

• Some Madera County residents’ mail went up in smoke when a Postal Service truck caught fire. The carrier wasn’t injured.

Outrè Scoops

• I hesitate to pass along this disturbing news about mac and cheese because of its undisputed role as Universal Comfort Food but ... here you go.

• A genuine turf war: A man mows into his yard (in big letters) “A HOLE,” with an arrow pointing at his neighbor.

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