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A runaway murder suspect. An attack on ‘Superman.’ Watch kids get splashy

A screenshot from Raeshorn Pitt’s Facebook page.
A screenshot from Raeshorn Pitt’s Facebook page.

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Top Scoops

• It’s going to be triple-digit hot again and the skies over the 559 look like gray face of Half Dome. Happy Monday, everyone!

• How did a murder suspect manage to escape from two veteran homicide detectives at Fresno police headquarters?

• President Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., was promised damaging information about Hillary Clinton before agreeing to meet with a Kremlin-connected Russian lawyer during the 2016 campaign, the New York Times reports.

• We’re getting a strong response from readers to our story about a Fresno girl who, at age 14, was compelled to hide the baby bump of her pregnancy and switch schools.

• It’s becoming clear that any Valley resident who wants to buy marijuana legally as of Jan. 1 will have to leave the region to do so.

Watch This Video

• Ah, to be a kid again so we could beat the heat at this splashy, new feature at Vinland Park.

Good Stuff to Know

• Can former Fresno State Bulldog and current Yankees star Aaron Judge continue his storybook rookie season with a victory in tonight’s Home Run Derby?

Chris Colfer of “Glee” fame is coming back to Clovis, and this time he’s wearing his writer’s hat.

• That (Crunchy) Feeling When a bear is trying to eat your head. It’s amazing that this 19-year-old lived to tell about it.

Outrè Scoops

• What evil would compel a man to attack a guy who likes to don a Superman outfit and wave at cars?

• Imagine a priest in a red Corvette. Now, put a gun his hand. No, it’s not an AMC mini-series.

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