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Cat House kitties. Cracker Barrel coming. Wineshaming defeated. Your Morning Scoop

Kittens available for adoption at Cat House on the Kings shelter are in today’s Morning Scoop.
Kittens available for adoption at Cat House on the Kings shelter are in today’s Morning Scoop.

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Word for Word

“Her graduation means the world to me, because it takes her hours every day just to get out through the front door.– David Lee, the doctor for Blaire Strohn, a cystic fibrosis patient who will receive her degree today from Fresno State’s ag school.

What You Need to Know

• The jury in the Keith Foster drug-trafficking trial is expected to begin deliberations today. Catch up to Thursday’s closing arguments by attorneys in the case against the former Fresno deputy police chief.

• A bit of news this morning: Sweden dropped its investigation into rape allegations against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. But the man who’s been holed up in Educador’s embassy in London for five years is hardly in the clear.

• Four words are all that’s necessary: Cracker Barrel is coming.

• Well, hey there, Chelsea.

Chelsea Manning in a portrait she posted on her Instagram account Thursday, May 18. The Army private, a transgender soldier formerly known as Bradley Manning, revealed her new look after being freed from prison. Tim Travers Hawkins Associated Press

• Is rolled ice cream the coolest thing to happen to the dessert since Mr. Baskin met Mr. Robbins? These folks say YES.

What You Want to Know

• So you have a snooty friend who mocks your taste in wine. Best solution? Find a better friend. If that’s not viable, employ these brilliant steps to counteract wineshaming.

• Kittens are available for adoption at Cat House on the Kings shelter. And they are unbearably cute.

The no-kill shelter in Parlier has three rooms dedicated to the newest and tiniest arrivals. The kittens need to grow up, put on weight and get spayed and neutered before they can be put up for adoption. Interested adopters should check the shelte

• Here’s a nice roundup of entertaining stuff in the week to come, including comic Carlos Mencia, Fresno Art Museum’s Summer Exhibition and Los Lonely Boys.

• And now it can be told: the secret to the Golden State Warriors’ lastest streak (25 wins in their last 26 NBA games). It’s (wait for it) ... a magic toaster.

Uber and Fresno Yosemite International Airport are in talks to resume ride service there.

What You Don’t Want to Know

• How can we resist this headline? Mr. Biggles is an “utter bastard,” but utter bastards need homes, too.

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