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Burglar with a foot fetish? Avi Kaplan bolts Pentatonix. Your Morning Scoop

A photo taken from the phone of Mason County (Wash.) home intrusion suspect Chase Garner.
A photo taken from the phone of Mason County (Wash.) home intrusion suspect Chase Garner.

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Word for Word

“It may come back to engineering hubris, and engineering hubris inevitably comes back to bite us in the butt in California.– water expert Jeffrey Mount, referring to the soaring ambition of former Gov. Pat Brown that, in the form of Oroville Dam, is haunting his son decades later.

What You Need to Know

• A serial home intruder in Washington state took pictures of residents’ feet while they slept. Do we need to wear boots to bed now?

• Even after two of them nearly died last year in a gunman’s attack, Fresno County Jail officers’ access to firearms is restricted. Why? It’s ... complicated.

• Experts are trying to figure out who is behind a cyberattack called “WannaCry” that has shut down thousands of computers around the world.

• This “sideshow” has nothing to do with a circus. It involves cars, flash gatherings and burning rubber. Several in Fresno last weekend kept authorities busy.

• The fires breaking out at this <airquotes>vacant</airquotes> Fresno apartment are becoming very old very fast.

What You Want to Know

• Here's a whipsaw to the brain: A scientist for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission was crowned Miss USA. Progress?

• Let’s just retire Ananya Vinay’s contestant number and name the California state spelling bee trophy after her. The Fugman Elementary student is phantasmagorical.

• Should soccer-mad Fresno have a dedicated stadium for a pro team stadium? State your case, Marek Warszawski (since you brought it up).

• Music industry double shocker: Visalia’s Avi Kaplan bolts Pentonix, and Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are real people who eat (at Bass Lake).

• This is cool:

Fast-moving water through many of waterways in the Valley and Sierra means danger for anyone who goes near the water. Fresno County Sheriff's Deputy Scott Weishaar talks water safety during swift-water rescue training at Mill Ditch just east of Fr

• Did you hit the theater last weekend to see "King Arthur"? Yeah. Neither did anyone else.

• Social media wags labeled this listing on Zillow the “nightmare house.” But the story behind the place is all too human, and more than a little heartbreaking.

What You Don’t Want to Know

• Submitted simply because we want to type the words RUNAWAY EMU (and say them out loud. Go ahead. You know you want to.)

• A building in Nashville registered as a church is actually a swingers club with “naughty nights,” city inspectors found.

• Our leading candidate for Neighbor Who Deserves Relocation to a Dark, Scalding Corner of Hell.

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