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QB Josh Allen rises. Snapchat tanks. A deer gets his licks in. Your Morning Scoop

A deer is caught on video licking a hunter’s gun. That and more in today’s Morning Scoop.
A deer is caught on video licking a hunter’s gun. That and more in today’s Morning Scoop.

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Word for Word

“I’m just trying to stay low key, and ultimately the NFL’s going to be there next year and the year after that. It’s not going to go away.Josh Allen, the Wyoming quarterback and Firebaugh kid who is expected to be a high draft pick in 2018.

What You Need to Know

• Bad optics for Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. Her speech at a historically black university was, um, ill-received.

• Should Fresno be a “sanctuary city” for refugees and undocumented immigrants? It’s a question that won’t be allowed to die any time soon.

• The United States is likely to ban laptops on all inbound flights from Europe. Here’s why.

• Lawyers on both sides of the Keith Foster drug-trafficking case staked out their territory Wednesday. The trial of the former Fresno deputy police chief continues today.

Chickenpox still happens. Just ask the folks at a Sanger middle school.

What You Want to Know

Bambi 1, hunters 0. Guys, a deer just licked your gun barrel. Pack it in.

• Take note, parents. This is certainly one way to ensure your kid pays attention in class.

• Happy trails to Zen actor/Tarantino favorite Michael Parks ( “Kill Bill,” “Grindhouse,” “From Dusk Till Dawn.”). He was 77.

Los Angeles is jonesing hard for the 2024 Olympics. Paris stands in the way.

What You Don’t Want to Know

Snapchat could superimpose puppy ears on its first-quarter financials and they still would look like a mutt.

The Rock is considering a run for the White House. Please, Dwayne, no. Please.

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