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Morning Scoop: Circus school for kids. Dancing Dyer. In-N-Out has best burgers?

Fresno police Chief Jerry Dyer, center, appears in a music video by rapper Kayo that’s about mutual respect.
Fresno police Chief Jerry Dyer, center, appears in a music video by rapper Kayo that’s about mutual respect.

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Say what?

“He works especially at networking and building personal bonds with his colleagues, and that’s a big strength. But, you know, he’s not a substantive guy.”– Congressional analyst Norman Ornstein on Bakersfield Republican and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

What You Need to Know

• Member of Fresno’s police department, including top cop Jerry Dyer, represent in this music video that preaches mutual respect. Pretty fly for a police chief guy.

Fresno police Chief Jerry Dyer and other of his staff take part in this video themed around the importance of mutual respect.

• Even as we celebrated wave after wave of wet stuff, forward-thinking folks fretted about spring, when gobs of melting snow will have to flow someplace. That’s especially worrisome in places where years of groundwater pumping have sunk the land, turning them into a flood magnet.

• Our Bill McEwen grinds on things that make Fresno awesome -- bullet-train angst, sprawling development barely in check, and the sad, piecemeal joke that is Veterans Boulevard. Enjoy!

• How’s that extra $2 per cigarette pack working out for you, smoker people?

• It still seems surreal that, for one afternoon, the D.C. Beltway cyclone swirling around Tulare congressman Devin Nunes came to Fresno. Here’s how it looked Friday:

Protesters voices filled the air with discontent regarding Rep. Devin Nunes, during his appearance at TorNino’s Banquet for a meeting on water. Nunes did not face the protesters, slipping in a rear entrance of the banquet hall.

• In a key step toward the criminal trial for Keith Foster, his lawyer has agreed the former Fresno deputy police chief was heard on federal wiretaps talking about drugs.

What You Want to Know

• A woman in Dinuba wants to start a circus school for children, so kids won’t have to run away from home to join one.

Her dresses are more Audrey Hepburn-retro than nouveau chic, and she names designs after her granddaughters. Rohonda sounds like a brand to follow.

• Our People’s Choice Awards for restaurants, delis and bakeries are out and the people say In-N-Out has the best burger. The In-N-Out in Centerville, Utah, specifically.

What You Don’t Want to Know

• He said burning off his girlfriend’s rabbit ears was an accident. The jury disagreed.

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