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Devin Nunes’ hot seat. John Wallace tributes. ‘I wuv you, robot.’ Your Morning Scoop

Rep. Devin Nunes of Tulare and a little girl’s viral video of meeting a “robot” are in today’s Morning Scoop.
Rep. Devin Nunes of Tulare and a little girl’s viral video of meeting a “robot” are in today’s Morning Scoop.

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Say what?

““Hard-nosed football is what Fresno State used to be known for, and we really needed to get back to that.”– junior tight end Kyle Hendrickson, after the first day of spring practice. Coach Jeff Tedford would likely agree.

What You Need to Know

• To understand how much John Wallace meant to our Valley – how he so much more than a TV news guy – read the tales and tributes here and here.

• Rep. Devin Nunes’ political life lately is one crazy kabuki. While his Tulare-area neighbors still hail him as a hero, Democrats in the House and Senate say he shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the Russia-influence investigation.

• Reporter Rory Appleton tells us about the first day of a high-profile civil trial in which a Fresno Unified teacher says the district failed to protect her against sexually explicit allegations by a Hmong radio host.

• Barack Obama’s measures aimed at combatting global warming are in President Trump’s sights this morning. Here’s what Trump’s executive order will do.

What You Want to Know

• Toddler to brand-new water heater: “I wuv you, robot. Water heater: ... Whatever. It’s YouTube gold.

• More than 2,100 newborns have gone home with warm noggins thanks to the knitting skill of this 90-year-old lady. Faith in humanity restored.

• The state of Tennessee billed a teenage driver about $3,000 for damage to the guardrail she hit. In a crash that killed her. Faith in humanity rescinded.

• There’s still time to head west and quaff it up during Central Coast Craft Beer Week. Just remember: Designated driver and/or spend the night.

• That was no Mustang on I-680 yesterday in the East Bay Area. It was a lower-case-“m” mustang. And a mule. Hee-yah!

What You Don’t Want to Know

• Even Ed Sheeran can get on your nerves when someone plays “Shape of You” full-blast and on a loop for 30 minutes.

• If you found a bale of marijuana washed up on a beach, like this guy did, what you do? Be honest, now.

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