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Say what?

“Does anybody really believe that a reporter, who nobody ever heard of, ‘went to his mailbox’ and found my tax returns? FAKE NEWS!President Trump, in a tweet (of course), after a journalist revealed part of his 2005 tax returns.

What You Need to Know

• A couple says Fresno County law enforcement caused $150,000 in damage to their home while trying to flush out a man with a long criminal history who was holed up inside. They’re suing the county for five times that amount.

• Huzzah to Clovis West’s girls basketball team, which plays Long Beach Poly on Saturday for the state crown. Last night, the Golden Eagles won their semifinal game by FORTY-TWO points.

• What would a crook hope to gain by breaking into a Catholic bishop’s vehicle and taking his ceremonial staff? Other than, you know, an elevated chance of being struck by lightning between now and Easter?

• Relax and light up your favorite menthol, local merchants. Police say they’ve caught a trio of serial cigarette robbers.

• Look out, BevMo: another big-box wine and spirits retailer is coming to north Fresno. Muscato at 10 paces.

What You Want to Know

• The Scoop has a soft spot for big trucks. And for ocean beaches. So this video is peak win.

• Here’s Rick Bentley’s review of the live-action “Beauty and the Beast” movie. Excerpt: “It’s a tale as cold as time.” Uh oh. And sorry, Audra.

• The professor in the BBC interview seen around the world (no exaggeration) has finally spoken out about what caused his two adorable children to gate-crash his Skype appearance.

• This avid home cook is a hardcore vegan and an up-and-coming blogger (such things still exist). And cheers to her site name:

What You Didn’t Want to Know

• This will make you feel warm all over: A blind woman says she and her guide dog were kicked off an American Airlines plane after she requested a different seat.

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