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Iguana rescue, eat your pi, Roundup ruling – the Morning Scoop

Firefighters giving oxygen to a rescued iguana and pies (mince, in this case) for Pi Day Tuesday are in today’s Morning Scoop.
Firefighters giving oxygen to a rescued iguana and pies (mince, in this case) for Pi Day Tuesday are in today’s Morning Scoop.

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Say what?

“One of the things that I like about having played these two characters and having them on the air virtually at the same time is they couldn’t possibly be more different.John Lithgow, on his roles as Winston Churchill in “The Crown” and as a poetry professor/murder suspect in “Trial & Error.”

What You Need to Know

• You may know pi (π) as the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. The Scoop prefers to ingest it as a shameless (spelling, people) March 14 (ie 3.14) food promotion for markets and restaurants. Your math may vary.

• There was a security guard Monday outside Roll One for Mi, the sushi restaurant that’s been steamrolled on social media after a tone-deaf Facebook post by its owner.

• The company that makes the popular weed-killer Roundup must list a cancer-risk ingredient on the bottle. Cheers to a Fresno County judge for making that happen.

• Take a break from all the huffing and puffing over the current White House administration to consider this: Last year, the Obama administration spent a record $36.2 million in legal costs defending its refusal to turn over federal records under the Freedom of Information Act.

• The passage of Prop. 64, legalizing recreational marijuana in California, certainly didn’t end the war on drugs. It merely shifted the battle lines.

Fresno County had every reason to believe it was doing a smart thing 15 years ago when it refinanced a pension bond at a lower interest rate. Hindsight: Oops.

What You Want to Know

• Firefighters in Oregon gave oxygen to a 20-pound iguana they had rescued from a burning home, restoring the Scoop’s faith in the public safety sector.

Reclining seats are all the rage at local movie theaters, and a fine application of energy conservation. If the movie sucks, there’s no need to walk out. Just take a long nap.

• What happens when you stuff a bunch of Fresno Beehivers into a room with a microphone? This. (Warning: Podcast may contain unintended hilarity.)

• After an absence of nearly five years, the real-life pirates are back, doing bad things to big ships.

What You Didn’t Want to Know

• Submitted without irony (OK, maybe a little): Just in time for the epic storm that’s slamming the Northeast, this Boston-area knitting club is making sweaters for chickens.

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