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Look! It’s the Sierra! And pink Starbursts – your Morning Scoop

A crystal-clear view of the Sierra and the takeover of pink Starbursts are in today’s Morning Scoop.
A crystal-clear view of the Sierra and the takeover of pink Starbursts are in today’s Morning Scoop.

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Say what?

“The original plan was, I was going to propose to you in a church, but the table has turned, so...Jamacio Kimble, addressing his new fiancée while wearing a hospital gown. He had crashed his car.

What You Need to Know

• A triumphant weekend for Buchanan High’s wrestling team took a dark turn this week. Wishes of strength to Brett Villarreal, who suffered a scary injury.

Kids Day 2017 is behind us, and they’re still counting up the hundreds of thousands of $$ in donations (thankyouthankyou). But don’t turn the page yet; here are the often-emotional, sometimes amazing stories from our Kids Day edition, topped by this one.

• Fresno County supervisors to the old juvenile hall: How can we miss you if you won’t go away?

• Wait. New faces on the Clovis City Council? Is that even legal?

• Nationwide, it’s “A Day Without a Woman.” It’ll be interesting to see how this protest, more subtle than the Women’s March, resonates in the Valley.

What You Want to Know

• So it turns out that curtain of groddy air east of town was ... part-able. All we needed were storms of Noah-like intensity to reveal the majestic Sierra. Says Marek Warszawski: Don’t just stand there gawking; go up and play with ’em.

• RIP Fresno Grand Opera. A dramatic tragedy in every sense of the words.

Fresno State football announced a home-and-home series with Oregon State starting in 2022. Uh, yay? Of late, the ’Dogs are 0-7 vs. Power Five teams.

What You Didn’t Want to Know

• So people are agog that Starbursts soon will come in all-pink packs. But doesn’t that stomp on the joy and mystery of pulling a pink first from among several colors?

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