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Baby rhino, sanctuary churches, Lent beer – your Morning Scoop

The recently birthed rhinoceros at Fresno Chaffee Zoo is a welcome respite in today’s Morning Scoop.
The recently birthed rhinoceros at Fresno Chaffee Zoo is a welcome respite in today’s Morning Scoop.

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Say what?

“If it saves one life, if it keeps one family together, then it’s worth it.”– the Rev. Sharon Avril, one of several Fresno church leaders ready and willing to harbor undocumented immigrants who face a threat of deportation.

What You Need to Know

• The Scoop could offer links to the weekend’s Trump-tweet fooforaw, but ... no. Instead, watch a delightful video of the Fresno zoo’s baby rhino frolicking with his ball.

Justin Mejia’s victory was historic, of course. Only the second California high school wrestler to win four state titles. But the Clovis High kid’s journey to that moment was stressful as all get-out.

Kids Day is tomorrow. Gather up your greenbacks and loose change, because you know you want to buy the special Bee edition (or multiples thereof) that raises funds for Valley Children’s Hospital.

• The Rogue Festival has begun. Did you see any shows? Your Bee pals did.

• The Visalia Ransacker sounds like someone who would have wrestled Gorilla Monsoon. But the crime hung on that name was all too horrifying.

• A former Stockton mayor had a rough “welcome home” at San Francisco airport, where he was arrested upon his return from vacation in South America. He faces theft and embezzlement charges.

What You Want to Know

• The high cost of being a Californian (housing, taxes, board shorts) is pushing out the poorer among us. And most are going to ... Texas?

• Speaking of ... a Texas woman who gave up beer for Lent won a case of Bud delivered to her home by the Clydesdales. Praise be!

• The high school basketball state seedings are out, and so far it’s all going to plan for California’s No. 2 girls team, Clovis West.

• For the first half of the Warriors-Knicks game in NYC, they squelched the usual music, time-out entertainment and MAKE SOME NOISE entreaties. The players hated it.

What You Didn’t Want to Know

• Do coins tossed into water still bring luck if a sea turtle vacuums up 915 of them and Mr. Turtle’s surgical care is now on your conscience?

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