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Statue of Refugees, Gunner-Andros breakup, left-handed gene – your Morning Scoop

A banner unfurled on the Statue of Liberty and a possible genetic source for left-handedness are in today’s Morning Scoop.
A banner unfurled on the Statue of Liberty and a possible genetic source for left-handedness are in today’s Morning Scoop. Associated Press; Physalis / Creative Commons

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Say what?

“He had the unique blend of being a leader of men while emanating the humility of an Everyman. The passion he injected into everything he did was inspiring to all who witnessed it.”Regina Garza, wife of Justin Garza, a former Central High coach who died after a long fight with cancer.

What You Need to Know

• At the Statue of Liberty, someone unfurled a big banner that read “Refugees Welcome.” Apparently the whole “give me your ... huddled masses” thing isn’t getting through.

• As business relationships go, this Richard Gunner-George Andros breakup is worthy of a “Divorce Court All-Stars” episode. At least $51 million worth of worthy.

Bad news for Oakhurst and other Madera County foothill towns: Highway 41, the southern portal to Yosemite, is closed for about three weeks because of a section damaged by storms.

Winter storms have left the highway damaged, making it unsafe for vehicles headed to the park, according to Caltrans.

• An ICE agent said the man’s tattoo branded him as a gang member ... if the suspect was from Fresno. The man says no, he got it just because he likes the way it looks. Stay tuned.

• A pair of Homeland Security memos lay bare how many of the estimated 11 million immigrants in the U.S. illegally will be targeted for deportation. The short answer: a lot.

What You Want to Know

Left-handed people, long accustomed to friendly jibes and smearing pen ink on paper, can thank a gene in their spinal cord for such specialness, a study says. Left is right!

• Call it Erna’s Elderberry House 2.0.

• Wouldn’t it be great if this French burger joint really was a Michelin one-star restaurant? Alas ...

Fresno police seized this kilogram of heroin Tuesday. It’s valued at $100,000. RORY APPLETON

• Yep. That’s a kilogram of heroin, worth $100,000. Police said the suspect was dealing outside a east-central Fresno market.

What You Wish You Didn’t Know

• Why are people getting into fights at Chuck E. Cheese’s? Better question: Why are people entering Chuck E. Cheese’s?

Oh, c’mon. These “animal escapes captivity and roams suburbia” tales are supposed to have happy endings. Poor cow...

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