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Teens’ rampage, a wife’s grief, texting at dinner – your Morning Scoop

Texting at meals is akin to starting a war, Pope Francis says.
Texting at meals is akin to starting a war, Pope Francis says. Jhaymesisviphotography / Creative Commons

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Say what?

“The cry of the poor and the cry of the environment are not inseparable.” – Catholic Cardinal Peter Turkson last night in Fresno, speaking about Pope Francis’ emphasis on caring for Mother Earth.

What You Need to Know

Wild weather: Modesto is bracing for evacuations after Don Pedro Reservoir’s spillway was opened for the first time in 20 years, ramping up the flow of the Tuolumne River.

• Any story that contains the quote "they tried to kill my baby" will shake your faith in humanity, even if the subjects are three teen boys who allegedly terrorized a Fresno neighborhood.

Danell TeNyenhuis gives a personal account of ultimate loss that tears at your heart yet affirms the sustaining power of family.

• The telenovela known as "Fresno Unified trustees" continues. Latest episode: Do board members need personal assistants to answer emails, find joy and procure a decent cup of coffee?

What You Want to Know

• The latest candidate for Fresno Philharmonic conductor (he of the Armenian heritage ... brownie points!) gets a thumbs-up from our Donald Munro.

• NBA superstar Paul George left Fresno State's basketball team after his sophomore season. He talks about what could have been had he stuck around.

• Denizens of the Fresno Beehive stuffed Adele, “Saturday Night Live” and Playboy nudes into a podcast. Listen if you dare.

Big shows tonight: Bonnie Raitt at Warnors Theatre. “Dirty Dancing” at Saroyan Theatre.

What You Wish You Didn’t Know

Pope Francis says texting during meals is equivalent to starting a war. So, mom, stash the Apple 7 at the dinner table. That human unit across from you? That's your son.

• This guy critiqued and edited his ex's letter of apology, giving it a D-. He then shared his handiwork on social media, for which we give him an F-.

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