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Abandoned little girl, Len Ross, Day Without Immigrants – your Morning Scoop

A 2-year-old found alone on a Fresno street and A Day Without Immigrants are in the Morning Scoop.
A 2-year-old found alone on a Fresno street and A Day Without Immigrants are in the Morning Scoop. Fresno Bee file

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What You Need to Know

• Why was a 2-year-old girl wandering a Fresno neighborhood alone? Where were her grown-ups? Why are my knuckles turning white?

Wet weather returns today with a dangerous playmate: gusty winds. Here are the details.

• From Raizana Tea shop to Fresno City Hall’s Turtle Cafe, businesses went dark to demonstrate A Day Without Immigrants. And at Valley schools, there was an unexpected side effect.

Len Ross, Fresno’s Mr. Junior Golf, has died at 96. Here’s his incredible legacy for Valley kids.

“Broken levee” is a scary phrase in Valley agriculture. One of them made a costly mess in Tulare County.

A broken levee in southern Tulare County near Alpaugh has flooded several square miles of farmland and two or three mobile homes are reportedly affected. Crews are now trying to plug the break.

Chris Stapleton was a songwriting hit machine, authoring No. 1 country songs for Kenny Chesney, George Strait and Darius Rucker. Then, in 2015, he leaped into a phone booth and emerged as a superstar performer. Get ready, Fresno.

What You Want to Know

• Where would we be without Bethany Clough’s sleuthing on the retail beat? Pray to the goddess of haute cuisine we never find out.

Elon Musk is footing the repair bill for a man who crashed his Tesla to save another man’s life. Well played, rocket man.

• Once there were two men, strangers to each other but sharing a love for outdoor sports. Then one died. And now the other is wearing his face.

• A kid had to tell others at juvenile hall his residential robbery was foiled by the family’s squirrel and oh god we can’t stop grinning.

Scoop Your Weekend (and Beyond)

Looking for stuff to do? Here’s a roundup of music & nightlife and a warmup for Sunday’s Fresno Philharmonic concert. And here is the lowdown on next week’s Bonnie Raitt and “Dirty Dancing” shows.

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