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NASA has poop handled, Hot Mugshot Guy goes legit – your Morning Scoop

NASA’s efforts to control astronauts’ emissions and Hot Mugshot Guy’s turn on the fashion runway are in the Morning Scoop.
NASA’s efforts to control astronauts’ emissions and Hot Mugshot Guy’s turn on the fashion runway are in the Morning Scoop.

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Say what?

“We think it’ll help [minimize] cases where maybe one specific story goes viral even if there might not be something real going on in the world about that story,”Facebook VP Will Cathcart on the social media platform’s effort to reduce fake news in your feed.

What You Need to Know

• Is Rep. Devin Nunes’ stance on ousted national security adviser Michael Flynn politically astute or tone-deaf? You decide.

Protesters call for an investigation by Rep. Devin Nunes, following the resignation of Michael Flynn as national security adviser, of Flynn’s ties to Russia, and calling for Nunes’ resignation as chairman of the House intelligence committee if he

Fresno Unified’s school board – a telenovela filmed largely behind closed doors – wrapped another episode in the “Adios, Michael Hanson” story arc, approving an old face as interim superintendent.

NASA says it has its poop problem ... handled. We’re not sure we want to read more about this, but if you do ...

• The Oroville Dam crisis appears to be winding down, even as the weather winds up. Let the finger-pointing begin.

What You Want to Know

Raiders quarterback Derek Carr shows signs of an impressive bounceback from that broken leg. #BulldogStrong, No. 4.

Diane Bondareff Fresno

• Remember this man? Hot Mugshot Guy is living large, walking the runway for New York Fashion Week. Wow. Crime does pay.

Fig Garden Village grabs a boutique clothing store from Fashion Fair and attracts a source of fancy paper airplanes.

• Sorry, Oceano Dunes will be closed on Presidents Day weekend. Go be wet and cold someplace else.

Bonnie Raitt talked to our music writer, Josh Tehee (she’s coming to Warnors Theatre next week). Please enjoy the result while we quiver with jealousy.

“Firefall” is an incredible and fleeting trick of sunlight in Yosemite National Park. It’s happening now. Photographers have come a-runnin’.

What You Wish You Didn’t Know

• A crime lab technician in Tulare County is in hot water after stuff stolen from an evidence room forced the district attorney to drop three drug cases.

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