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At left, Fulton Mall’s $20 million conversion to Fulton Street continues. At right, there’s free frozen yogurt Monday.
At left, Fulton Mall’s $20 million conversion to Fulton Street continues. At right, there’s free frozen yogurt Monday. Fresno Bee file

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Say what?

“I love my mother because she didn’t bat an eye when I came out to her, which is very unusual in the South. A lot of kids get kicked out of their home.” Lance Bass, one of the celebrities on Fox’s new cooking show, “My Kitchen Rules.”

What You Need to Know

• The $20 million conversion of Fulton Mall to Fulton Street is on schedule, with completion expected in May. That still doesn’t help some of the mom-and-pop businesses along the route. They’re hanging on by a thread.

Craig Scharton and Veronica Stumpf offer insight into the development of downtown Fresno's former Fulton Mall.

Stormy weather: Showers and rain are in the forecast today and Tuesday. There’s a winter storm warning today in the high Sierra, which more than a foot of snowball expected.

An afternoon downpour snarled traffic throughout parts of north Fresno on Friday, including on Champlain and Perrin.

• The president of the United States says California is “out of control” if it declares itself a sanctuary state for refugees and undocumented immigrants. “If we have to, we’ll defund,” Donald Trump said in an interview before the Super Bowl.

• OK. That Super Bowl. Let’s recap. The Atlanta Falcons once led by 25 points. With 9:48 in the fourth quarter, they led by 16. So was the New England Patriots’ record-setting 34-28 victory in overtime an eye-bugging comeback by Tom Brady or a mind-numbing choke by Atlanta? And what about Lady Gaga? Or those commercials, including the one with the controversial ending?

• Tech companies, including behemoths such as Apple, Google and Facebook, are siding with court battles against the White House’s travel ban.

• A Los Banos man and his daughter arrived at San Francisco International Airport on Sunday, ending an eight-day delay that saw the girl caught up in President Trump’s executive order restricting travelers from her native Yemen and six other Muslim-majority countries.

• A federal hiring freeze imposed by the White House hasn’t affected Fresno’s veterans hospital.

What You Want to Know

Free frozen yogurt today. Repeat: Frozen yogurt. Today. Free.

• An early version of a video game based on the adventures of Conan features an “endowment” slider with which the player can adjust the size of his barbarian’s naughty bits. To which our columnist, Rory Appleton, asks: why?

Patricia Astone was a special education teacher, master gardener and deacon at Sanger Community Church. A trial will determine whether St. Agnes Medical Center and a doctor were negligent in her death.

“Wayne’s World” is 25 years old. To mark the birthday, it’s returning to the big screen. Ex-cel-lent!

• What superpower would you want? Flight? X-ray vision? I want this cat’s ability to find her family after going walkabout for 15 years.

What You Wish You Didn’t Know

• A definition of chutzpah: Police say this woman tried to buy a house with a $1.2 million check. That she forged.

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