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Craft beer, Fresno med school, a happy reservoir – your Morning Scoop

Full Circle Brewing is part of our new Beer Buzz coverage, and San Luis Reservoir is filling up
Full Circle Brewing is part of our new Beer Buzz coverage, and San Luis Reservoir is filling up Fresno Bee file

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Say what?

“The backlash was all good. People were thrilled that we changed it. You can only go down that road for so long and then you need to change the dynamic.” – Jon Goldwater, whose darker take on Archie Comics is reflected in the new CW Network show “Riverdale.”

What You Need to Know

• Today, The Bee pops the tap on Beer Buzz, a new section that will boast continuing coverage, insight and tours into the Valley’s growing craft beer scene. We kick off with a brew-scape overview, a primer on beer knowledge, a roundup of stuff we’ve written the last couple years, and a profile on Pine & Palm Brewery.

• This morning, President Trump tweeted that we need a “major investigation” into voter fraud. Trump has said repeatedly, with no facts to back him up, that he lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton because of illegal balloting.

• A medical school in Fresno? Here’s how state Assemblyman Joaquin Arambula wants to see it happen.

• A new performing arts center for Fresno State? Here’s how university President Joseph Castro wants to see it happen.

• Thanks, Ms. Atmospheric River. San Luis Reservoir hasn’t looked this good in a lonnnng time.

Tenaya Lodge yanked the reservation for an outfit called VDare Foundation once it figured out the group was bunch of white nationalists.

• A ski patroler died in a explosion during an avalanche-control operation at Squaw Valley resort.

What You Want to Know

• The Academy got it right by producing a more diverse group of Oscar nominees, but overall the picks are a muddled mess, critic Rick Bentley says.

Steak and sanctuary: The national debate over immigration policy could be coming to a diner near you.

• Football coach Tim DeRuyter did his former employer, Fresno State, a solid by finding a gig elsewhere. DeRuyter’s new role at Cal will help the Bulldogs on their balance $heet, columnist Marek Warszawski says.

• A suggestion to everyone, especially those with twitchy Twitter fingers: Leave Barron Trump alone.

What You Wish You Didn’t Know

• This is taking "the buddy system" to a cringe-worthy extreme, don't you think, sir?

• Someone actually said this: "I'm so proud of myself. I stabbed her 20 times."

• For the latest in haute couture, we turn to Rio, where they're covering naughty bits with electrician's tape. Ssssticky!

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