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Pressure on Fresno Unified’s Michael Hanson; Chargers to L.A. – your Morning Scoop

In the news, from left, San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers, Fresno Unified Superintendent Michael Hanson.
In the news, from left, San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers, Fresno Unified Superintendent Michael Hanson. Associated Press, Fresno Bee file

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Say what?

“We had 45 patients at one point who were admitted but holding in the emergency department for hospital beds.” – Dr. Edward Hirsch, chief medical and quality officer at Visalia’s Kaweah Delta hospital, which put up a tent outside to deal with a spike in flu patients.

What You Need to Know

• A driver trying to outrun Fresno County sheriff’s deputies died when his car collided with other vehicles, then slammed into a light pole in northwest Fresno.

• Fresno Unified Superintendent Michael Hanson plans to resign in August. The Fresno Teachers Association said last night that’s not soon enough.

• Senate Republicans aren’t waiting for Donald Trump’s swearing-in as far as the Affordable Care Act is concerned. They passed a measure early this morning that takes the first step toward dismantling Obamacare.

• The recent barrage of storms is working wonders with the region’s reservoirs. But enough to be called a drought-buster? Here’s what we said the last time a big storm rolled through.

• It took a year for the Fresno County coroner to report the cause of death of a man died while trying to break up a rowdy party at his northeast Fresno home.

• The Department of Justice indicted six Volkswagen executives on charges linked to VW knowingly selling diesel vehicles that didn't meet U.S. emissions standards.

What You Want to Know

• The jabs don’t pack a lot of punch, but there is incredible power in this boxing class that helps people with Parkinson’s disease.

• The owner of the San Diego Chargers has told the NFL he intends to move the team to Los Angeles, according to reports. That will give L.A. three pro football teams: the Chargers, the Rams and USC.

• These newlyweds shared a horrifying, life-wrenching moment when terrorism struck the Boston Marathon in 2013. What they’ve done since, as a couple and individually, is inspiring.

What You Wish You Didn’t Know

• Taco Bell is wheeling out a taco shell made of fried chicken and now we all need a nice, deep colon cleanse.

• A high school assignment tells girls to go on a $5 date and “don’t waste his money.” Which means what, exactly?

• One of Nutella’s main ingredients may cause cancer. The internet isn’t handling that well.

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