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Exploding e-cigarette, most-watched videos and whales – your Morning Scoop

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What You Need to Know

• Authorities in Europe are still hunting for the man accused of killing 12 people in a Christmas market in Berlin.

• A Fresno man has been hospitalized after his e-cigarette burst into flames in his pocket.

• Responding to a rise in teen suicides, Fresno County education and health leaders are meeting to determine how to help students in need.

• These are the most-watched videos that appeared on in 2016 and honestly, they’re almost all really hard to look at.

• If you can get to downtown Fresno early today, consider dropping off toys for an organization that desperately needs them.

• These places will be closed in observance of Christmas, but not Starbucks. I saw their big, braggy sign about being open Christmas Day.

What You Want to Know

• Emotional Advice Kid is the hero America needs right now.

• Monterey Bay is a truly magical place and we’re ridiculously lucky to live near it.

• The next week will be a good one for local music fans.

• “What horrific thing did members of the moviegoing public do to deserve such an unimaginative, excruciatingly vile and worthless comedy?”

What You Wish You Didn’t Know

• Robert Durst showing up to court in a hot pink wheelchair is probably the least surprising thing he has ever done.

• And finally, a poll has officially determined the most annoying word in American conversations, but I can think of much more annoying words. Just saying. No, that’s what’s more annoying. “Just saying” is way more annoying.

Happy Thursday!

Heather McLane:, @heather_mclane