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Hatchimals, Pearl Harbor and an overstuffed python – your Morning Scoop

Presenting your hot Christmas toy of 2016: Hatchimals.
Presenting your hot Christmas toy of 2016: Hatchimals.

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What You Need to Know

• Today is Pearl Harbor Day, and you can help fund a 100-year-old Fresno man and Pearl Harbor survivor’s trip to attend the 75th anniversary ceremonies.

• Tulare County supervisors are very worried about pot.

• I love swear words, but answering emails with them when you work for the California Department of Education seems risky.

• Five points if you can remember who Time’s Person of the Year for 2015 was.

• What the hell is a Hatchimal?

What You Want to Know

• Other than cash, food is the best gift you can give someone, so why not do your holiday shopping at one of these local food makers, eh?

• A doughnut chain that used to be here is back and people can’t seem to contain their joy.

• Here are 5 cool things you can do today.

What You Wish You Didn’t Know

• Toss out that razor, folks. The ’70s are back.

• I think we can safely say the Mannequin Challenge is officially over.

• And finally, this story about a python with three whole deer carcasses in its stomach is remarkable in its ability to both freak you out and make you crave breakfast food.

The holidays are a stressful time for many people, so take care of yourself so you don’t become this woman, who yelled “Merry Christmas!” while attempting to run over her ex as he decorated his front yard. Okay? Happy Wednesday!