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Pearl Harbor, Saint Britney and Christmas Tree Lane – your Morning Scoop

Jullianna Roberson of Fresno enjoys the “snowflakes” on Christmas Tree Lane in Fresno in December 2015.
Jullianna Roberson of Fresno enjoys the “snowflakes” on Christmas Tree Lane in Fresno in December 2015.

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What You Need to Know

• There are still a lot of questions remaining about the fire that claimed 36 lives in Oakland, as well as the couple who leased and operated the warehouse.

• Hundreds including professors, alumni and students have signed a petition calling for Fresno Pacific University to be made a sanctuary for undocumented students.

• Tomorrow is the 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

• Police are looking for a Fresno teen who’s been missing since last week.

What You Want to Know

• The Grammy nominations have been announced and they’re pretty much what you’d guess.

• Christmas Tree Lane has returned this year, so go and get some holiday cheer (rhyme unintentional).

• Deaf and hard-of-hearing children can visit Santa tonight with the help of an interpreter at Fashion Fair Mall.

• Yes, you’re familiar with “A Christmas Carol,” but have you seen it performed entirely by one dude?

• This year’s most-wanted holiday gift is the Saint Britney prayer candle, of course, made right here in Fresno.

What You Wish You Didn’t Know

• A partial list of things taking a hit in 2016: facts, critical thinking, common sense, pizza ...

• And finally, are “crazy ants” a menace or could they be here to save us from ourselves? Time will tell.

Check out this Christmas tree lighting in Clovis and marvel at how Santa and Mrs. Claus seem to arrive in a lights-blazing fire truck, and have a good Tuesday, all.