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Snapshots with Santa, fake news and a call for toys – your Morning Scoop

Toys for Tots is still in need of toys.
Toys for Tots is still in need of toys. Pixabay

Good morning. It’s Monday, Dec. 5, 2016 and I’m here with your helping of the Morning Scoop. Subscribe here to get the Scoop in your inbox because you want to be informed but not too informed.

What You Need to Know

• Despite their major victory over the weekend, North Dakota pipeline protesters are staying put for awhile.

• The death toll in that awful warehouse fire in Oakland continues to grow.

• A substitute teacher who wore a Black Lives Matter button to class will no longer be allowed to teach at Clovis West High School.

• The effect of fake news stories spread during the election continues to be felt.

• David & Sons, producer of sunflower seeds, is packing up and leaving Fresno.

• Toys for Tots is still in need of toys. For tots.

What You Want to Know

• Three local crowdfunding campaigns could use your bucks, if you have some to spare.

• When Twitter works, it really works.

• Here’s a schedule for when your kids and – yes – pets can take photos with Santa at area malls.

• You guys know by now I can’t resist calling attention to amazing dog stories, nor will I.

What You Wish You Didn’t Know

• Police in Wyoming are now literally just paying people not to be buttheads.

• And finally, I think this guy might be a pirate. An actual pirate.

It’s Monday and it’s cold and gray and blah, so here are some comics to brighten up your morning. Have a good one!