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Twitter combats bullies, Clovis plans changes and ‘Star Wars’ revelations – your Morning Scoop


Hi. It’s Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2016 and I’m here with your helping of the Morning Scoop. (Subscribe here to get the Scoop in your inbox because you want to be informed but not too informed.)

What You Need to Know

• Twitter has finally released tools for combatting online abuse and hate speech.

• Oxford Dictionaries has chosen its word of the year. It’s not great.

• Fresno is hoping to woo ULTA and its big, beautiful distribution center bringing big, beautiful jobs to the area.

• A house near Highway 99 was found to contain nearly 1,000 marijuana plantsslightly more than the six permitted under Prop 64.

• Clovis seems pretty serious about making development moves, starting with demolishing the old abandoned winery on Clovis Avenue.

• Every day I go through the links under Full Menu > News on the Fresno Bee website and today I noticed Marijuana has its own page now, nestled between Education and California, which seems right somehow.

What You Want to Know

• Bruno Mars is coming back to Fresno. For tour purposes, not to hang out.

• The new Harry Potter film, about a guy who wrote one of Harry’s textbooks (yes, really), is actually pretty good, says Rick Bentley.

• The Good Company Players radio-show version of “It’s a Wonderful Life” seems like a great way to get into that holiday mood.

What You Wish You Didn’t Know

• A Pennsylvania man who beat his girlfriend so badly her brain swelled and she nearly died is suing the casino that served him 15 drinks because it’s his life that was ruined as a result.

• And finally, Carrie Fisher wants to ruin “Star Wars” for you by detailing her affair with Harrison Ford when she was just 19 and he was a 33-year-old married father of two.

Happy Wednesday! May the Force be with you, I guess.

Heather McLane:, @heather_mclane