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Slain deputy investigation, George W. Bush and Bono – your Morning Scoop

President George W. Bush, Laura Bush and their newest family pet, Freddy.
President George W. Bush, Laura Bush and their newest family pet, Freddy. unknown

Hey there. It’s Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2016 and I’m here with your helping of the Morning Scoop. (Subscribe here to get the Scoop in your inbox because you want to be informed but not too informed.)

What You Need to Know

• Trump is off to a running start, appointing white nationalist favorite Steve Bannon to chief strategist and giving Vladimir Putin a victory phone call.

• Stanislaus County detectives are seeking the public’s help in the investigation of a slain deputy.

• Fresno County has the highest rate of kids living in concentrated poverty in the state (she wrote, taking a sip from a $4 latte …)

• The LAPD says it will continue to not deport immigrants.

• Joking about assassinating the president-elect may get you fired, and it will most likely land the Secret Service at your door, so don’t even think about it.

• Instead of exercising his civic duty on Election Day, George W. Bush adopted a puppy. *blink*

What You Want to Know

• An Edvard Munch painting that looks like your grandmother’s paint-by-numbers handiwork sold for $54 million at auction.

• There’s a new trailer out for that Disney movie with the good songs about the girl who falls in love with the wealthy animal keeping her captive in his giant, book-filled home.

• Your dog is an adorable little thief but your food could literally kill her, so watch it.

• Some cows stranded on a tiny island of dirt after New Zealand’s giant 7.8 earthquake have been saved – for beef or dairy, no one is saying.

What You Wish You Didn’t Know

Glamour magazine gave Bono one of its Women of the Year awards because men have been passed over for so many years and it’s time they finally had their moment to shine.

• And finally, doctors are people too – people who may refuse to treat you if you don’t support their presidential pick.

Happy Tuesday!

Heather McLane:, @heather_mclane