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Tragic bus crash, yoga pants protest and costumed dogs – your Morning Scoop


Good morning, all. It’s Monday, Oct. 24, 2016, and I’m here with your helping of the Morning Scoop. (Subscribe here to get the Scoop in your inbox because Monday is a day for being proactive.)

What You Need to Know

• I really can’t handle this story about a dog who died trying to protect a toddler from a fire.

• Or this story about a horrifying and tragic bus crash that happened yesterday.

• So let’s talk about a bunch of heroic women in Rhode Island who marched over the weekend for their right – our right – to wear yoga pants whenever we damn well feel like it.

• I bet Tim DeRuyter’s wearing comfy pants right now. Fresno State fired him on Sunday, which seems like a harsh way to ruin someone’s weekend.

• Speaking of harsh, it might be illegal to take selfies in the voting booth depending on where you live. Sowwy.

What You Want to Know

• Wonder Woman was named a U.N. Honorary Ambassador for the Empowerment of Women and Girls and some people are annoyed because some people are always annoyed.

• There’s a big show at Save Mart Center this week. Blue people on tall poles and stuff.

• Imagine how much better work would be right now if your dog was with you.

• Especially if your dog was wearing a costume!

What You Wish You Didn’t Know

• A woman checked her security footage in the middle of the night and found a gloved man at her door. Sounds like a Halloween movie, but garbage humans exist in real life and they are out to get you.

• And finally, a very drunk woman in Wisconsin used peanut butter to paint phallic symbols and profanities on the cars of people she thought were attending a Trump rally. They were not.

Have a great Monday, all!

Heather McLane:, @heather_mclane