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Police protest, Fulton Street discovery and ugly cry story of the day – your Morning Scoop


Heyyy. It’s Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2016, and I’m here with your helping of the Morning Scoop. (Subscribe here to get the Scoop in your inbox because Wednesdays. Amirite?)

What You Need to Know

• Protests broke out in Charlotte, NC, after police shot and killed Keith Lamont Scott.

• Lisa Ling hit the Central California Women’s Conference with some realness about the human trafficking problem in our Valley.

• Workers on Fulton Street have found really old telephone lines, which is cool but like, I wish it had been pirate bones or a map to Atlantis or something.

• Two very famous people have decided to stop being married to each other.

• Curtis Hanson, director of movies you’ve definitely seen or at least heard of, has died.

• The city of Chowchilla doesn’t care who it insults.

What You Want to Know

• This story about a dying dog attending his human’s wedding will hand you your first ugly cry of the day.

• Clovis is the place to go if you’re looking for new local restaurants.

• The Madera County Sheriff’s Office is going right for it with its “Doughnut with a Deputy” event. (Wait, is that how we’ve agreed to spell ‘donut’ in America? Me confused.)

• You can still get Garth Brooks tickets for this weekend, something something, “Friends in Low Places” joke.

What You Wish You Didn’t Know

• Tired of competing with their Tennessee counterparts for attention, people in Nashville, Mich., are trying to build a 3,000-foot sundae.

• And finally, a flower that smells like a dead animal mixed with urine is getting ready to bloom in New Hampshire for the first time since 2011. What a time to be alive!

Have a great Wednesday, y'all.

Heather McLane:, @heather_mclane