Earth Log

Here comes July — time to cope with heat

Now is the time. Make sure your air conditioning works. Sip iced tea. Clean out the pool and get in it. July triple digits are everywhere.

A friend emailed his July coping mechanism to me last week. He says he's spending July in Monterey -- where daytime temperatures are climbing nearly to 70 degrees.

"Eat your heart out," he wrote.

Whatever you do, do it. And I'll remind you of last July. There were 24 days above 100 degrees in Fresno. Five of them hit 108. One was 109.

Air quality in the San Joaquin Valley last July? I prefer to count the clean days rather than the dirty ones in July. There are usually just a few. Last year, there were five.

The pollution is just getting warmed up right now, so keep an eye on the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District's real-time monitoring system.

Back to the heat. Some of you might remember July 2006 when there were 20 days above 100 degrees in Fresno. But they included a five-day run of monster readings -- three days at 113 sandwiched between two days that hit 112.

The low temperature on July 23, 2006, was 90.

July isn't always like that. We can all hope the month will be something like 2012 when there were only 13 days above 100 and only one day hit 109. 

But then August was torrid that year. Let's wait a month to worry about that.