Academic All-Stars

Third grade: Jake Reeves, Saroyan Elementary School

Jake Reeves is a 4.0 GPA third-grade student who “thinks outside of the box.”
Jake Reeves is a 4.0 GPA third-grade student who “thinks outside of the box.”

Focused. Driven. Team player.

Jake Reeves is a 4.0 GPA third-grade student at Saroyan Elementary School who “thinks outside of the box.”

“He is able to do a lot of things mentally with math – pulling numbers apart, putting numbers together, seeing patterns that other kids don’t recognize or can’t do without pencil or paper,” said Laura Bolton, his teacher.

Bolton said Reeves is able to solve most math problems in his head, and his mother, Kelli Reeves said he has the ability to solve math problems using more than one method.

“When he’s solving word problems, usually he’ll give three different ways to solve it,” his mother said. For example, “(for) multiplication problems like 3 x 7 = 21, he would be able to draw that out in different ways and then give an explanation for how he solved it.”

Kelli Reeves said her son would use drawings, visuals and real events to help him solve math problems.

Although Reeves thinks “outside of the box,” Bolton said he often gets overlooked for his quiet personality. “He’s got a really funny personality, a really good sense of humor when you can get him to talk.”

He puts his best efforts with everything and does nothing halfway, Bolten said.

In addition to going to school, Reeves is a yellow belt in karate, was a baseball player for Central Youth Cal Ripken League for four years, and participates in Toys for Tots, Coats for Kids, and food banks.

His mother said Reeves is “very conscientious” about giving back to the community.

“I just see him put his best effort with everything he does,” Bolton said. “He tries to get his best effort first always. He doesn’t really do anything halfway.”


Age: 9

School: Saroyan Elementary, Central Unified

Home: Fresno

Parents: Kelli and Vincent Reeves

Achievements: 4.0 GPA, has perfect attendance, is a yellow belt in karate, spent four years in Central Cal Ripken baseball team, participates in Toys for Tots, Coats for Kids and food banks.

Honorable mention


School: Freedom Elementary, Clovis

Parents: Debbie and Brandon Aguilar

Achievements: Since enrolling in Freedom Elementary School, mother Debbie Aguilar said Luke has received numerous academic awards, such as the principal’s honor roll. Aguilar currently has a 4.0 GPA and participates in down syndrome awareness walk and is a Clovis Babe Ruth baseball player.


School: Nelson Elementary, Fresno (Clovis Unified)

Parents: Michael and Audrey Hernandez

Achievements: Zoe Hernandez has a 4.0 GPA and has been awarded principal’s honor roll three times, student of the month, writer of the month, earned a reading medallion and will be on the cheerleading team for the 2017-18 school year. Additionally, she is on the junior team for Break the Barriers and takes dance classes and plays soccer. Pamela A Sittre, her teacher said, “Zoe loves teaching others about ‘inclusion’ – kids of all abilities doing activities together.”