Academic All-Stars

Second grade: Angelika Magaña, Temperance-Kutner Elementary School

Angelika Magaña is the kind of student who sets the bar high, according to her teacher.
Angelika Magaña is the kind of student who sets the bar high, according to her teacher.

Angelika Magaña is the kind of student who sets the bar high, according to her teacher Patricia Clark.

“She never does the bare minimum, but rather, reads more, writes more, completes more of everything,” says Clark, “and it's all done beautifully with an exquisite attention to detail.”

Clark teaches Angelika in her first/second grade combination class and describes her as an educator’s dream student. “She is driven to do her best academically, and is also a kind, thoughtful, caring friend to everyone in our room.”

Angelika’s mother, Kristina Magaña, agrees, noting that Angelika is social and friendly – and the first to lend a helping hand. “She’s a natural leader,” her mom says. “She doesn’t want to miss any school and loves school because of her teacher.”

She also shows great talent as a budding artist, says Clark, something Angelika’s mom also sees at home. “She’s very artistic and creative,” her mother says. “If she can get her hands on any type of materials, she will make something.”

Spirited and vocal, Angelika loves to sing and dance. She has operated a lemonade stand for Catholic Charities and runs races for other organizations.

Angelika also attends catechism with her grandmother, who is the most influential person in her life.

She supports Angelika’s creativity and gives her someone to look up to, Angelika’s mom says. “[Her grandma] gives her the strength and belief she has in God. She is everything to her.”

Magaña sees her daughter as a teacher in the future because of Clark’s influence and because of Angelika’s personality. “I think she’ll be a great teacher,” her mom says. “She makes sure she is the first one to help someone out.”


Age: 8

School: Temperance-Kutner Elementary, Fresno (Clovis Unified)

Home: Clovis

Parents: Kristina and Moises Magaña

Achievements: sustained mastery, Sparthenian of the Quarter; First Quarter Perfect Attendance; Character of the Month: Caring

Honorable mention


School: Virginia Boris Elementary, Fresno (Clovis Unified)

Parents: Thomas and Jodi Morgan

Achievements: Emily strives to be better every day than she was the day before, her teacher Ladene Rios says. She packs a positive attitude and steps up to help others who are in need, academically and socially. During her recess, Emily sometimes reads to kindergartners, and she has collected money for those less fortunate, says Rios. Emily plays for the Tennis Association of California and has won first place in two tournaments. She also participates in Central Cal Volleyball camps. Dance and piano lessons are also on the 8-year-old’s agenda. “Emily never gives up, and fights hard to persevere,” says Rios. “She learns through her struggles.”

ELISE REEDY, 8, Fresno

School: Fresno Christian

Parents: John and Christine Reedy

Achievements: Elise has donated over 140 boxes for Operation Christmas Boxes in the two years she has participated, says her mom Christine Puentes. “She stuffs boxes with toys when she gets home from school,” Puentes says. Elise has performed in a talent show for the last two years and plays soccer for the Cen Cal Cosmos. She also loves to attend church. Puentes says she is proud of her daughter. “Her compassion towards other children is such a huge part of who she is.”