ACLU updates lawsuit over Clovis Unified sex education

The American Civil Liberties Union has updated a lawsuit against Clovis Unified School District alleging the district's sex-education curriculum fails to meet state education code.

ACLU lawyers contend the district did not change textbooks that preach abstinence-only sex education, but has other programs that follow state law and contradict the textbooks. The updated lawsuit comes after Clovis Unified officials and ACLU lawyers negotiated for months over making changes to the district's sex-education curriculum.

ACLU lawyer Novella Coleman said the district's curriculum continues to provide misinformation about teens and their health. Clovis Unified officials disagree. "Our district will not be bullied into accepting the ACLU’s interpretation of the law just because they want us to,” district spokeswoman Kelly Avants said.

The ACLU first filed suit last year representing families, the regional chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics and Gay-Straight Alliance Network.